Waifs and Strays

This will be the page where I put things that don't fit anywhere else. I have a feeling that it may become the longest page!THE PARLIAMENT OF FOWLS


 http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A1HG66Y THE PARLIAMENT OF FOWLSThe Parliament of Fowls by Geoffrey Chaucer is a work I translated originally for my personal use when I was studying English literature. I found that having the book rendered in modern English made it much easier for me to read the book as a whole, without frequent and tedious searching to discover the meaning of words and passages.The Parliament of Fowls was originally in rhyming verse. I have not attempted this, simply tried to convey the meaning as clearly as possible.

It consists of a fairly long introduction leading to the section where the birds take centre stage.

I would be very pleased if this book proved to be of worth to students of English literature. If you are not a student you may in any case be interested in finding out more about early English writing. This modern English translation will, I hope, make Chaucer's 'Parliament of Fowls' more accessible and convenient.


ALLERGIES AND YOUAllergy symptoms can range from being irritating and unpleasant to being painful and sometimes even life threatening. It makes sense to learn more about allergies and what we can do to help ourselves to manage them.This book aims to provide simple, basic explanations of allergies, their symptoms and causes.  It lists many common triggers of allergies and how to avoid these triggers. You can also find here natural, simple ways to alleviate and reduce unpleasant and painful symptoms.This is not a medical handbook, rather a guide and source of helpful, commonsense tips.



Parents of an allergic child have special pressures to cope with – not only the physical symptoms, distressing for the child and parents alike, but also the anxiety and often disruption of family life which such allergies can cause.This book suggests strategies which parents can adopt to give their child a safe physical environment , at home and at school. It also discusses ways in which the child can learn to help with the management of his allergies. Maintaining a positive and cheerful attitude is important for both parents and children. Particular strategies are proposed for respiratory, skin and food allergies.

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