Tangled Webs

Thrillers, Mysteries, Romances - will all be on this page.Starting with:......


DILEMMA IN DURBANDilemma in Durban is set in the beautiful city of Durban, blue skies, sunny, sparkling sea and scenery to die for close at hand.Shay has more on her mind than just enjoying all the great things on offer. She has promised to help her cousin Jamie. He is mourning the death, by suicide of his twin sister, Magda and he is convinced That her ex-lover, Tony, is the reason for her suicide. He suspects That Tony is Involved in something illegal and is determined, with Shay's help, to prove it.Shay soon has reason to regret her promise. She finds she is on an emotional roller-coaster, dangerously attracted to a man she fears may be involved in something criminal. Life just gets more and more complicated and only too soon Shay is facing her own dilemma in Durban.




INTRIGUE IN EGYPTA romantic mystery set in the exotic location of Egypt. Misunderstandings, intrigue and dangers surround the heroine, Lucia. She is torn between her emotions and the darker secrets surrounding her. Will her kind heart destroy her?Will she fall prey to the criminals around her?



CHAOS ON KARIBAIf you enjoy an entertaining drama with real people, living real lives, loving and living and overcoming everything life throws at them, then definitely BUY this book. You will be glad you did. The setting is Zimbabwe and the author clearly has a great knowledge of the scenery and wild life. The people in the book are strong characters, but the vast Lake Kariba, teeming with fish, hippos and crocodiles cannot fail to be the focus of attention. As a thank-you, at the end of this book is a link to a gift of another book. Hope you enjoy it.

UNMASKED A Kindle book by Hilary Chase

http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014JREO88UNMASKED - a mystery story set in Rome, where the heroine, Elise, on an art buying visit is soon in danger from criminal characters. She needs all her intelligence and courage to unravel the sinister and puzzling events. This is the first of the Elise Hagen Mystery Series. Book two in the Series is LAST GAMBLE.



3 DAY NIGHTMAREPlunged into three nightmarish days, an average man tries, in spite of his very real fear, to solve a mystery.During this short time all his ordinary life turns upside down. He finds the woman of his dreams, or is it just part of the nightmare?Is anything really what it seems?(This book was written by two people, each writing alternate chapters, neither author knowing what twists and turns the story might take.)

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