Some Favourite Books

Here are some of my favourite books.They include books I have known and loved for a long time, others discovered fairly recently.If there is anything here that interests you the links will take you to more information.Happy browsing. 
THE PERSIAN BOY by Mary RenaultThe last years of Alexander's life, seen through the eyes of his lover, the Persian Boy. A terrific piece of work, bringing the people and events to life.

WISE CHILDREN by Angela CarterA story of a highly eccentric British theatrical family. The book is comic and vibrant - beautifully written.

MAPP AND LUCIA by E F BensonA delightful concoction of snobbery and social climbing - all presented by a master.


The first two books in a trilogy - suspense, action and teen romance. The author - 14 years old - quite an achievement.

BRING UP THE BODIES by Hilary MantelA stunning book about the last days of Anne Boleyn and the machinations of Cromwell and Henry VIII.

POMPEII by Robert HarrisAn aqueduct engineer of the time tells the story of the eruption - engrossing.


I have loved this book for many years. Humorous, honest and at times downright hilarious.


I have read this book many, many times. A hugely funny book.

ENGLAND, THEIR ENGLAND by A G MacdonellA witty, satirical look at life in England between the two World Wars. Close observation of the English at work and play. A well-loved book.


TAKE A REST by Bill McQuillanAn account of an eventful trip as a young Ship's Surgeon.  Life on board and the characters encountered are closely well as a major medical drama.

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