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The Ballad of Jack Canvas

THE BALLAD OF JACK CANVAS (A Story in Verse)A story in verse telling a tale of dirty deeds, the criminal Jack Canvas and his eventual downfall. Not for the tender-hearted.  



ON SAFARI On Safari carries you through an exciting journey, spotting the Big Five animals in Africa, seeing wildlife up close, and along the way discovering how much you really know about the animals. You experience a number of adventures in camp and on your journey.Quiz questions and answers are placed throughout the book as well as photographs of wildlife. See how you fare on your virtual Safari.



CAT BURGLAR IN SOHOCat Burglar in Soho is a detective story with a difference! Bad things are happening all over Britain - riots and disturbances are getting more and more widespread and no-one knows why. Normally law-abiding people are suddenly becoming physically violent. Things are getting out of hand.The Agency is unable to get to the source of the trouble and Sebastian is called in for his unusual skills to be put to work.Sebastian is a very valuable member of the Agency as he can operate in a way that absolutely no-one else can. Very soon he is on the track of the criminals responsible for the violent outbreaks and gets an old friend, Jackson, to give him some back-up. The two friends follow their noses through the streets and markets of Soho and come across a likely clue.Their loyalty to the Agency leads them to investigate further. This takes them into dark and dangerous territory.Cat Burglar in Soho is a detective story perhaps for older children - and adults too. Be prepared for a little surprise a short way into the book! 


****************************CAT BURGLAR IN MAYFAIRThis is the second story in the Cat Burglar Series. Agent Sebastian is again called in to help solve a difficult case. He is a very different detective. He has a unique skill, he can hear all, see all, and yet remain unobserved. The Controller is baffled. He knows something criminal is going on, but cannot get to the bottom of it. Sebastian is called in as a last resort, as it might prove to be a very dangerous assignment for him.With his friend Jackson he is soon at work in Mayfair, hunting down a criminal gang, but will he be successful? There is danger around every corner. Can the two friends solve this case? CAT BURGLAR IN MAYFAIR


*********************** THE CAT WHO WAS MAD ABOUT CHEESE


 THE CAT WHO WAS MAD ABOUT CHEESEThese are Cat Stories in verse for cat lovers of all ages. First there is a story of three cats, with very different personalities. There is a Cunning Cat, a Careless Cat and, of course, the Cat Who is Mad about Cheese!The story of Pirate is that of a hunter par excellence, athletic, and he leaps and pounces in an almost balletic fashion. He has no patience with cats who are less expert hunters than he is.Finally, there is Rosie, who has a wandering streak, but is very lovable so that her owner will forgive her anything ..The stories are illustrated with beautiful pictures of the cats.


GATSBY the GREAT GATSBY THE GREATGatsby the Great tells the shocking tale of a big, fat greedy cat called Gatsby. He gets so fat that his tummy brushes the ground as he walks and he certainly couldn't catch a bird, even if he wanted to! When he lies down his stomach rolls out each side of him in waves of fat – not a pretty sight”His owner is too absent-minded to see what is happening to her once gorgeous kitten until one day it is dramatically brought to her attention.Find out how Gatsby the Fat fares with the horrible herbal experiment.Find out how Gatsby, with the help of Holly, his neighbour, is transformed into Gatsby the Great – a superbly healthy, happy and handsome cat.Plenty of attractive photographs showing his journey from pretty kitten to fat, paunchy cat and back again to his real, handsome physique.For children, this book reinforces, very gently, the dangers of overeating, the wrong foods, the real virtues of sensible eating and self-discipline, and shows the reward of building a strong, healthy body.

 EL GRAN GATSBY  (Gatsby the Great - Spanish translation) El Gran Gatsby narra la impactante historia de un gato grande, gordo y goloso, llamado Gatsby. Se pone tan gordo que su barriga cepilla el suelo mientras camina, y desde luego, no puede atrapar un pájaro, ¡Aunque él quisiera! Cuando él se acuesta su estómago cae a cada lado de él en olas de grasa - no es un espectáculo agradable.Su propietaria es demasiado distraída para ver lo que le está sucediendo a su precioso gatito, hasta que un día esto llama dramáticamente su atención.Descubre cómo a Gatsby el Gordo le va mal con el experimento horrible de hierbas.Descubre cómo Gatsby, con la ayuda de Holly, su vecina, se transforma en el Gran Gatsby - un gato magníficamente sano, feliz y guapo.Un montón de atractivas fotografías que muestran su viaje de gatito bonito a gato gordo y panzudo, y de regreso otra vez a su real y atractivo físico.Para los niños, este libro refuerza, con mucha suavidad, los peligros de comer en exceso alimentos malos, las virtudes reales de la alimentación sensata y la autodisciplina, y muestra la recompensa de la construcción de un cuerpo fuerte y saludable.

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