60 SIMPLERECIPES SIMPLE RECIPES 60 Simple Recipes is a collection of my favorite recipes that are straightforward and easy to make. The ingredients are those which are usually found in many larders and the preparation does not require great culinary skills. (If I can make them, anyone can!) There are recipes covering Soups, Fish, Meat, Pasta Dishes, Puddings, Vegetables, Cakes and Cookies and Pickles, Preserves and Jam. I do enjoy reading about fancy food, with exotic ingredients and many steps to follow, but very seldom try any out. I think what most people really want and need, are recipes for dishes that are practical to make, nutritious, and delicious to eat. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! These recipes will, I think, make a useful addition to your kitchen and I hope you will enjoy using them. ********   

CLUTTER Clutter is insidious – it creeps up on you and before too long it can overwhelm you. Balance your life and budget your time, with advice and tips on how to clear your home of clutter and provide a calm and pleasant environment. In this book you will discover strategies to find much needed time for yourself in which you can relax and recharge your batteries.
****************   HOUSE SITTING IN FRANCE An informal explanation of house sitting in France. This book is for house owners as well as house sitters. It gives tips and information and detailed lists of what is significant for both. The book is based on experience and could save time and trouble for anyone embarking on a house sitting career. It's a wonderful life.